About Us

Special Banknote offer a large variety of genuine World Banknotes, World Paper Money and coins at reasonable prices, so if you are a beginner or an advanced collector we’re sure there is something here for you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. It is essential for us to provide you with a reliable, quick, and trustworthy service at a very high professional level.

We have a whole awesome collection of Banknotes, Coins, Stamps we specialize in the selling of Rare World Currency, Themed Stamps, Polymer Banknotes, Rare Coins also Stationary’s required for Collectors.

We dedicate our time and effort and Travel the world to get you the most Rarest and unique Banknotes , Coins and Stamps ever seen. We believe in “life is all about Hobbies” We are very much passionate about what we do.

Collecting banknotes & coins is an amazing hobby where you can meet people all around the world . When you start collecting, you are not only enjoying your time , you are also making an investment for future.

It is very well known that your collection of banknotes or coins is having a higher value every year. While you are making a collection you should focus on pricing , condition , originality of the items.

You can visit our store to experience our worldwide collection of banknotes & coins . Follow the categories and choose from banknotes & coins from the countries which you would like to add to your collection.